Best Camera To Use With A Ring Light Flash

Now that you understand what a ring light flash is, you’re probably starting to wonder what the best camera for ring flash photography might be. There’s the manufacturer to consider. Then there’s the wide choice of models. After that, you’ve got to choose the options. I’m telling you it’s not that bad. Any Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera that allows you to change lenses and to mount accessories will work just fine, even if you don’t have the best ring light; a digital SLR is even better. There are some cameras, however, that will not only work well as a camera, but are also suited for ring light photography.

Nikon is one of the standard-bearers in the world of photography, and there are several Nikon cameras that are the best ring light flash choices. The 12.3 mega pixel Nikon D90 digital SLR provides the exposure and speed control every photographer needs, along with several features inherited from the high-end D300. The Scene Recognition System is exclusive to Nikon cameras, and, in combination with the auto-focus function, will assist the photographer in making good use of a ring flash. The 10.2 mega pixel D200 is another acceptable choice from Nikon — both types also can easily accept the macro lenses often used for close-ups in conjunction with a ring light flash.

One company you may not think of as a source for cameras is Sony, whose Alpha line of digital SLRs work very well with the best ring light flash units. The Sony Alpha a380 is a 14.2 mega pixel digital SLR with a tilt-able LCD screen and a 100mm macro lenses. Sony also sells their own HVL-RLA ring light that fits any of their Alpha models or their less expensive Cyber-Shot line.

The 10 mega pixel Canon Rebel XTi is a very affordable digital SLR that will accept a ring light flash and also provide the photographer with the ability to capture that special shot and preview on the enlarged display.