Best Ring Flash For Portraits

A ring flash is a circular flash attachment that is designed to minimize harsh and distracting shadows that can appear in flash photography. This is especially important for portraits, where even soft shadow effects are wanted. These pieces of flash equipment distribute the light of the flash in a circular manner which makes the light fairly even and produces a portrait that is softer and easier to view. The following are some basic points concerning using a ring flash and the advantages of ring light for portraits.

Attaches to Camera

Usually a ring flash attaches directly to the camera you are using. It basically has a donut shape and fits around the lens. It may, however, also be possible to use it independently. For instance, if you take your ordinary flash off the camera, sometimes you can hook this up to a ring flash attachment and take photos that way. This usually depends on the make of the ring flash you are using. This is good for portraits because you can either get direct light or create side lighted effects on the portrait model’s face and body.

Has Independent Adjustable Power Source

Often the ring flash has an independent power source. These independent power sources can often be adjusted in order to control the amount of power and light that the ring flash emits. The best ring flash portraits are ones in which the light intensity is adjusted just right.

Photographer Stays in Position

Once the photographer is in position and the ring flash is aimed, he usually needs to stay in more or less the same spot in order to maintain even lighting. If he moves too close or far from the model, the light may appear too bright and washed out or too dark and shadowy. He needs to determine the best ring light flash distance and then maintain this distance.

Model or Subject Stays in Position

By the same token the model or the subject of the photograph also needs to stay in position. This will, again, maintain even lighting and make the most out of the distinctively attractive ring flash lighting that works so well with portraits.

Additional Lighting Options

It is possible to use a ring flash in conjunction with other lights. For instance, you can put studio lights on the sides of the model in order to create some lateral highlights and use the ring flash head on so there are no undesirable shadows. This often works quite well and creates and even more even overall illumination.

Buying a Ring Flash

In buying this item, try to select the best ring flash for portraits. Ask the dealer about this and do any necessary research. This will insure you find the best ring flash product for the type of portraits you want to create.