DIY Ring Light Flash – How To Make One

Since it is relatively easy to make a DIY ring light, more amateur and professional photographers are taking advantage of the great effects one can add to portraiture. Those on a budget are learning how to make a ring light on their own. A ring light really is a light that projects in the shape of a ring. When used in videography, it provides the cool looking circular highlights in the subject’s eyes. In still photography, it provides a very dramatic catchlight in the eyes of the living model. The catchlight in the eye of a model of still work is what brings life to a portrait.

A cheap ring light flash can be made using an existing off-camera flash unit. The trick is to make the circle big enough and have just enough space between the outer and inner rims of the circle and bounce the light. The basic components are going to be a container lined with reflective material, a mount to hold the flash unit toward the reflective material so that the light will bounce and a shield the stops all light from escaping except for the ring.

For a really cheap ring flash, it can be made of cardboard lined with aluminum foil, or it can be fashioned of other material. It is up to the whim and imagination of the maker. The shield can be any totally opaque material that can withstand light and heat. There should be the dark circle in the center followed by the open area that will allow the light of the flash to pass through in a ring shape, and the outer opaque ring shape. This then will only allow a ring of light to be emitted that has a dark circle in the center and is dark outside the ring. The outer perimeter of the ring should be at least a foot across or larger. Experiment with the actual width of the ring of light itself.