The Importance Of A Good Ring Light Flash Mount

A Good Ring Light Mount Is Worth The Price

A well-constructed flash mount must be well able to bear the weight of the unit through the movement of the camera, as well as being able to sit still at any angle on a tripod or stand. This holds true for a ring light flash mount of any configuration, as the ring flash will be straddling a very vulnerable lens.

Ring light mounts may slide into the hot shoe, extending over the lens or they may have a hot shoe adapter which is connected by wire to the ring light itself. In either case, the mount must properly fit the hot shoe and be configured to work with the specific brand and model of camera used.

Other heavier, higher-powered units will have a separate battery pack and will be mounted on their own stand, allowing the photographer to set up the light before taking the shot through the ring. The photographer must ensure that the mount can be tightened sufficiently to hold the ring flash steady through the process of setting up and taking the shot.

In addition to checking with the manufacturer of the camera or cameras to be used to determine compatibility, it’s a good idea to search through internet photography forums where experts and less experienced enthusiasts can exchange information and ideas. A flaw or new product or method that may not have found its way into a manual will be written here quickly.

The budget-conscious photographer interested in purchasing used equipment must be careful! Compatibility checks through the camera manufacturer’s website and forums must be done first. Armed with a list of models to choose from, online auction sites and classified ads can be consulted for deals. No one should buy equipment without checking it out first or making it clear that a product that does not meet expectations may be returned.